febrero 28, 2013

Los 50 Mejores Discos de 2012 I.

Mención de honor a : "Tempest " - Bob Dylan, "Love At The Bottom Of The Sea" - The Magnetic Fields, "Psychedelic Pill" - Neil Young & Crazy Horses, "Worship" - A Place To Bury Strangers, "Nocturne" - Wild Nothing, "Cut The World" - Antony And The Jonsons, "Valtari" - Sigur Rós, "Port Of Morrow" - The Shins, "Padania" - Afterhours y "Un Meraviglio Declino" - Colapesce.

50. Give You The Ghost - Poliça

Género : Soul, Trip-hop, Electronic

Best tracks : 

-Dark Star
-Lay Your Cards Out
-Wandering Star

49. Palindrome Hunches - Neil Halstead

Género : Songwriter

Best tracks :

-Digging Shelters
-Tied To You
-Full Moon Rising

48. Amanda Mair - Amanda Mair

Género : Alt-pop, Synth-pop

Best Tracks  :

-It's Gonna Be Long

47. Rhythm And Repose - Glen Hansard

Género : Songwriter, Pop

Best tracks :

-Maybe Not Tonight
-Love Don't Leave Me Waiting

46. Queen Of The Wave - Pepe Deluxé

Género : Psychedelic rock, Baroque pop, Big beat

Best tracks :

-A Night And A Day
-Go Supersonic
-My Flaming Thirst

45. Here We Are - Citizens!

Género : Alt-pop

Best tracks :

-I Wouldn't Want To

44. Home Again - Michael Kiwanuka

Género : Soul-blues

Best tracks :

-I'm Getting Ready
-Home Again
-Worry Walks Beside Me

43. Rispah - The Invisible

Género : Alt-pop

Best tracks :

-The Wall

42. Love This Giant - David Byrne & St. Vincent

Género : Pop-funk

Best tracks :

-Outside of Space & Time

41. Burning Boy - Joe McKee

Género : Avantgarde Songwriter

Best tracks :

-Lunar Sea
-Darling Hills
-Blue Valeria

40. Twin Beds - The Rosie Taylor Project

Género : Alt-pop

Best tracks :

-Every Morning (And For The Rest Of Our Lives)
-A Walk By Moonlight

39. The Cherry Thing - Neneh Cherry & The Thing

Género : Jazz

Best tracks :

-Dream Baby Dream
-Too Tough To Die
-Golden Heart

38. Europe - Allo Darlin'

Género : Alt-pop

Best tracks :

-Still Young

37. Daffy's Elixir - Brian Scary

Género : Progressive pop

Best tracks :

-The Silver Lake Mining Company
-You Might Be Caught In Tarantella
-Owe Mister O

36. Gold Motel - Gold Motel

Género : Power-pop

Best tracks :

-Brand New Kind Of Blue
-Slow Emergency
-Cold Shoulders

35. All Blackshirts To Me - Cats On Fire

Género : Alt-pop

Best tracks :

-After the Fact
-The Sea Within You
-A Few Empty Waves

34. A Tender Trap - Joel Alme

Género : Indie Chamber-pop

Best tracks :

-A Tender Trap
-Take A Better Look
-I Remember

33. Electric Cables - Lightships

Género : Alt-pop

Best tracks :

-Two Lines
-Sweetness In Her Spark

32. Believe Me - The Smittens

Género : Bubblegum-pop

Best tracks :

-Typing, Texting
-Burning Streets Of Rome
-Birthday Reminder

31. Words And Music By Saint Etienne - Saint Etienne

Género : Dance-pop, Chill out

Best tracks :

-Last Days Of Disco
-I Threw It All Away

30. Over The Bluffs - The Holiday Crowd

Género : Pop, Rock

Best tracks :

-Never Speak Of It Again
-While She Waits
-Pennies Found

29. Nowhere Or TammensaariI Am Oak

Género : Slow-folk

Best tracks :


28. Wallis Bird - Wallis Bird

Género : Songwriter, Acoustic Rock, Alt-folk

Best tracks :

-Ghosts Of Memories
-Feathered Pocket

27. Swing Lo Magellan - Dirty Projectors

Género : Avant pop, Indie rock

Best tracks :

-About To Die
-Impregnable Question
-Unto Caesar

26. Funtimes - The Heartbreaks

Género :  Alt-pop, Jangle-pop

Best tracks :

-Delay, Delay
-Jealous, Don't You Know
-I Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You

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