febrero 12, 2011

Los 30 Mejores Discos de 2010 III.

10. Surfing The Void de Klaxons
Synth Rock

Best tracks :

-Valley Of The Calm Trees

09. Olympia de Bryan Ferry

Best tracks :

-You Can Dance
-Heartache By Numbers
-Tender Is The Night

08. Fiel Music (Measure) de Field Music

Best tracks :

-Each Time Is A New Time
-Lights Up

07. The Archandroid (Suites II and III) de Janelle Monáe
R'n'B, Pop, Funk, Soul

Best tracks :

-Cold War
-Sir Greendown

06. And So It Is Morning Dew de The Bear That Wasn't
Songwriter, Alt-Pop

Best tracks :

-Ballad Of Two Raindrops

05. Teen Dream de Beach House

Best tracks :

-Silver Soul
-Used To Be
-10 mile stereo

04. Before Today de Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Indie Pop, Lo-Fi

Best tracks :

-Round And Round
-Butt-House Blondies
-Little Wig

03. How They Are de Peter Broderick

Best tracks :

-Human Eyeballs On Toast
-With A Key

02. Have One On Me de Joanna Newsom
Songwriter, Alt-Folk

Best tracks :

-Good Intentions Paving Company
-In California

El Mejor Disco de 2010...

01. Queen Of Denmark de John Grant
Songwriter, Rock

Best tracks :

-TC And Honeybear
-Where Dreams Go To Die
-Queen Of Denmark

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